Snowboard alternative - Dual Snowboards - Double snowboards, double pleasure

The new snowboard alternative from the mountains!
Dual Snowboards are boards on each foot, No skis, but two individual mini snowboards.
This new way of enjoying the snow has its origins in Southern California and slowly conquering the world.

If you do not need new boots or bindings? No problem .. Dual Snowboards work with almost all standard bindings and your comfortable boots.

This patented product allows you to move the snow in ways you never thought possible. No need to constantly loosen your bindings? Dual Snowboards makes it easy. Indeed, you can simply run this example, snowboards and easily climb into the elevator without first loosening.

This great new invention is very suitable for all levels of riders. Not locked with your feet together makes it easier for beginners to learn the basics of edge control. For advanced SnowboardersDual Snowboards is bidding more muscle control and they are a good cross trainer for stronger and more controlled riding.

Enjoying resorts, fun parks, halfpipes, your backyard and / or parks. Once there is snow it is a must-have item number one! Dual Snowboards are both fun and functional. Dual Snowboards are built from the best traditional snowboard materials. They are tested and approved all over the world by snow cannons and park crews,  they are a better way to work hands free in the snow.

Dual Snowboards is having fun in the snow on a whole new level ...... double boards, double pleasure