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Want to buy a new snowboard?

For both beginners and advanced snowboarders that something different from "just standard" want. Particularly, specaculair, unique and with us for a very competitive price available.

Looking for more than a "normal" snowboard?

Dual Snowboard Shop offers you Dual Snowboards. We provide this fantastic snowboard for distribution as well for the private sale. We are your Dual snowboard specialist.

Dual Snowboarding is a sport and activity in which one of two small snowboards pinned shoes descend a snowy slope, or groomed slopes jobs. Snowboarding as a sport, like most boardsports, is derived from the so-called wave surfing. Snowboarding was discovered by surfers through a wooden board strapped to their feet through the slipping loose snow from the mountain. Dual Snowboards are contrast of that, discovered and developed by the people of Gravity Fanatics.

Like other winter sports snowboarding Dual can be a dangerous sport. The most common accidents in Dual snowboarding, just as with the normal snowboarding are wrist fractures and other injuries to arms or shoulders. When freestyling come regularly for head injuries. Snowboarding is generally less dangerous for knees and ankles compared to alpine skiing. stands for quality and good service. We also supply only quality products that we stand behind. Besides, we also supply Dual Snowboards bindings and also for your safety a snowboard helmet. In 99% of cases, your standard snowboard bindings already are compatible for use with Dual Snowboards.

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