Dual Snowboards fun

Dual Snowboards is a product mentioned for people who are skiing or snowboarding. Perfect is this product for people who want to experience the best of both sports or cannot choose

Skiing snowboarding or snowboarding skiing, everyone experiences Dual on its own way.

Worldwide, more and more people go on wintersport. Winter sports enthusiasts are crazy about sports in combination with snow and therefore pursues various sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Dual Snowboards is a household name in the world of skiing and snowboarding, but is new to this market in the Netherlands. Dutch winter sports are often the trendsetters of Europe and thus also have a fairly unique product to pack. Until recently, this dual snowboards only was available at the designers Gravity Fanatics from the United States, but the Netherlands has meanwhile his own Dual snowboard specialist under the name of Dual Snowboard Shop


Dual snowboards Snowboards are divided into two parts, wherein each foot has therefore its own snowboard. It is in snowboard position, but the division into two parts does this with the benefits of skiing. Moreover, moving with separate parts and also easier. Binding therefore need not, after each run  as opposed to snowboarding, to be cut.

Dual snowboards are currently available in two color combinations, black- green and green-black. Another advantage is that Dual Snowboards is compatible with all standard boots and bindings. Furthermore Dual Snowboards are easy to transport by the format and easy to carry on skiing.

It is a product for all ages and suitable for both experienced and inexperienced sporters. It is a sport with ultimate freedom and unlimited possibilities for tricks and tricks.


User Features Dual snowboards with words like: innovative, spectacular, freedom and fun.

The eternal debate what is cooler, snowboarding or skiing, it may be closed. Dual Snowboards .... A must have for every winter sports!